Nick Lang Arts


About the artist

I started painting at the very young age of about six, using inks and watercolours and won my first art competition at the age of seven. Over the years I've worked in various other mediums including chalk pastels and oil paints and I currently work mostly with acrylic paint. Although I began my artistic career in England, where I joined the Bedford Art Society and Ouse Valley Artists, since 1992 I have lived and worked in Graz, Austria. 

 In my paintings I tend to reflect or react to things that surround me, that inspire or impress me. These may be surprisingly mundane when taken at face value, but charged with a unique energy and aesthetic for a particular moment. 

 Figures and form have always caught my attention, as have colour and light. Although I work primarily in a figurative style, my work nevertheless has a certain abstract quality and often contains elements that are unfinished or unresolved. This creates a necessary interaction with the viewer, which ultimately completes the process of the image.

 Over the years I've held several solo exhibitions of my work and some of my paintings have been published in books. My  most recent exhibitions were Still World - which explored the concept of redefining traditional painting genres, treating figures as landscapes or objects as portraits or landscapes and The Old Changing Way - which honoured traditional skills and subject matter and reflected on their current relevance and possible disappearance in the modern world.


 As well as producing my own art, I also teach art in school. I began teaching in middle and upper schools and currently work at primary level.

I enjoy working with young artists and helping them to explore their creativity and develop their drawing and painting skills. It is both rewarding and inspiring work.

 I offer private tuition  - both for adults and for children.